Sunday, May 28, 2006


Freshers of Maggie Rule (+Paddy n Rowden n Grandad)

Teddies Bar presents Freshers 05:06.
Come grab a CD now and donate 1 Pound to the "Save the Bear" Fund...

Bear Out.


My darling abbuth...

Abbuth is...

- my little bear
- this wonderfullly strange little lady
- fuckin dynamite in bed
- so good to me, i should really appreciate it
- hot in any of my clothes
- not allowed to steal my clothes
- the best girlfriend Ive had at uni
- the best sex ive ever had
- Josephines friend (hint, 2 +1=3)
- 4ft 11 (or so she says)
- Very clever, probably more clever than me, but i wont admit it.
- asleep so I must join her...

Bear out...

- My love. xx

Friday, May 26, 2006

Too much reading,...

My izeyes are acting up!

I have been heavily revising or "learning off my own back" this week.
Been to library! WOW!
Actually went to do some work today! Amazing.
Yunno they got like hundreds of books there, maybe one for every day of your life, FOREVER!

Hmmm, anyway made dinner tonight for the Abbuth and the Josephine.
It was ok, bit bland but its food.
Need to impress them so I get 3some.

Also, handed in some coursework today and went to the bank for NO apparent reason, just went to the bank, didnt do anything.
In other news, My itinery has changed.

"14th Letter of the alphabet!"
"No wait it isnt is it?"
"Its 9th."
"Oh welll....I Dont understand why the fuck your arent drinking!

Home on either the 5th June or 8th June for a few days, then Cricket tour baby!
Fuckin love it.
Im looking forward to Fresher challenges, Not backin down!
Unless Tommy has some input, then my stomach starts churning...

Royksopp: Download them: MElody FM!!
Or buy there shit!

Enjoy the weekend.

Bear Out

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

New Game

Game is to hit bowling pins down with a tennis ball.
Speed is a neccesity.
As is accuracy.

Only the best will survive.
Cameraman hurt in process of photography.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

We sailed away on the megatrain...

As im waiting for my mums weekly call to my university homestead, i blog.

This will be one of the last calls i will get from my mum before I come home.
Crazy, Ive been here almost 10months.

Now to plan summer...
What to do?

Not sure yet. Want to Camp.
Want to go on a plane.
Want to go on a train.
Too much? Nevah!

Been packing away some stuff that I wont need for a while.

Kopparberg comes 2moro as does MrPod III.

No cricket this weekend. Maybe some on Wednesday. Though I think there are no games due to exams.

Bear Off.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Ode to a lonely fresher...


Wednesday, which was yesterday.
Crazy day. Hectic in zee lab finishing coursework.
Night was a chance to unwind.

After a few kopparbergs in spoons headed to union to find a few of the cricket boys.
So in tru fresher stylee one must get a round in and then get rid of it quite quickly, with a few salutes thrown in for good measure.

Before helping good old Brian "STD" out with the female bouncer, I had kissed goodbye to an early night.
Onward to the curry house said Big Bear. Like sheep we followed.

Dibble owes quids for taxi.
At curry house, ordered.
Bevvies in and food on table. Shit i need a fuckin piss.

Cock out, piss on.
Come backto the table, oh me oh my.
the boys of Old had rearranged my meal, with added spicyness, added alcohol and added scraps.
Also, Lime chicken.
Not good at all, makes me chunder, though didnt last ngiht.

Had to give it a go, wish i hadnt tasted rancid.

Paid, Danny and Dibble owe 25 quid each for runing off.
Fines next game too.

Also, walked home, somehow.
collapsed in mates flat, slept in his bed, lonely of course.
Woke up with big hair and snakebite stained clothes.
Felt like a horses arse. Looked worse.

Fun day ahead.

Good Day All.

bear out.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

"Such a twat..."

Well... anyone sellin a smile?

Its been a mixed week, great weekend last week and now i find myself sitting solemnly lonely on a lazy saturday. Just been filling out forms and writing to people today.
Went shoppin on Thursday and bought a few nice things, of which i wore yesterday.

Got a few exams coming up so i start revising i think...
Must pass, already got work to do in summer. Damn It!

I need a big hug, and for the girl i love to say it back...

Bear (on level 4 but feelin like the basement)

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Pictures up and running...

Monday, May 01, 2006

Gum Ball 3000


Will post pics soon.

Stay tuned...
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