Tuesday, March 28, 2006

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The uniaxal compression test...

What the Fuck!

So thats what Im workin o nat the moment.
Some Geomaterial Science!
I reli hope I dont end up doing this shit when 'older'.

Had a good weekend.

Friday night - my last night of soberness. Free to drink again as of Saturday at 12:01am.

Saturday - slept a lot, then met mr and mrs abbuth.
Got to show them a piece of Mr.Bear.
Very fun and cool parents, well cooler than mine!
Very generous food donation and drinks which was much obliged.

Sunday - again lazy until 1ish.
Rounding troops and onward to the magical Union!
BBQ turned into a cake fest.
Cake fest turned into drunkeness
Drunkeness turned into Happiness
Happiness turned into Pub Quiziness (Team Happy Birthday Banana [Andy,Aly,Fi, Wolfy and Teddy] 5th out of about 15 teams)

Happy Days.

Jam onward and upward!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Pick a pocket or two...

Follow the trend...

Word up peasants.

Funny things: The best possible remedy of eating a chilli that is too hot for you, is surprisingly to eat another chilli and then to eat bread.
Now bread I can understand but why eat another chilli? Crazy!

Next check this out.


Got a bit of work to do this week.
almsot finished my PEtrology, though its a bit pointless.
Got Lab report and geo mapping to do.. oh my, jsut looked:
A lot of geomapping!

then microfossils essay again, also gotta redo mineralogy.
Free day 2moro where i will do quite a bit.


Good Day.

Fajitas tonight!

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Less than 10 weeks till summer

If McDonalds controlled the safari...

Ok, maybe not.
But I have 3 weeks till Easter.
I leave for home on April 7th.
2 weeks of working, earning money so I can survive the 5 weeks after easter.

Matthew say something bout Jose Gonzalez, im intreagued.
I do need some activities in this Easter break.

Though I look forward to Gumball 3000 on April 29th.
Happy Days.

Cricket training today, sucked. I was not on my game.
Was gettin tonked all over the shop and couldnt bowl in a straight line.
Twas ghey.

Lots of work to be gettin on with this evning.
Ranging from tutorial work to some Geomaterial Science lab reports!

Also, this week brings another deadline for more coursework, so whole day devoted to work on Tuesday.
Still need to pick up my NUS card also.

Dinner tonight: Moroccan chicken tagine with pasta and veg.
People keep stealing my utensils in my flat!

That is all.

Friday, March 17, 2006


"Be weird, cos everyone else wants to be normal"

Why is the word Deadline, called Deadline?
Hmmm... Is it because your life would be on the line?
Comments please.

Related news: This week I have had lots of work to do.
possibly the most I have ever experienced at Uni.
I did shit loads tonight and as a reuslt am shit knackered.
I big snooze is on the cards, however I msut wake up for lecture and to hand in various pieces of coursework.

In other news: Ive eaten 11 bowls of cereal so far this week.
WOW. And its only Friday.

However, its not just any Friday. Its St Patricks day.
Hmmm It would have made sense to be drinking on your first ever legal St.PDay.
Oh well. Remain Strong Tim, Remain Strong.

I have invested 'illegally' in some chillout albums, most by Minsitry of Sound.
This chills me out and get sme past the thought of failing the first year.

Music always helps me out.
Thank you music.

I look forward to a busy weekend, but a relaxing one.
And to next Friday's deadlines!
another Lab Report and Another piece of coursework!

Oh What Fun.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


"Never have the Vindaloo"

I just passed wind.
It fuckin stinks like nothing ever before!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Gumball 3000

"Its not a race, its a rally"

Ladies and Gents: Saturday 29th April 2006

There is a convoy going to London to watch the start of the 2006 Gumball Rally.

If you want in comment here.

Happy Days.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

A Good week, but a lonely week.

"Be yourself, not who you want to be"

Word up all you readers!

Suggested Listening for this bloggage is anything by Jose Gonzalez.


this week i have mainly been eating Rice KRispies.

Not beeen shopping this week so been living off whatever was left in the old cupboards.
Because I was a dafty a while ago at union i completed sick duty without cleaning up any sick.
Fresher steal : The Safety Assistant polo shirt.

Teddy 1 - Union 0

Happy Days.

Not been out other than Saturday at the cinema to use my complimentary cinema tickets.
The MAtador - funny film held together quite well.
Only minus is the lack of a big storyline. oh well. i still enjoyed.

Message: for fran


In other news, Ive been 5 days without alcohol.
8 if you count the days befroe LEnt.
Been watching the gumball rally too, great stuff.

I think my gorilla slippers have arrived in Portsmouth, I now await postage.
MAy have to go pick em up.

Continuiong with uni work now.
The In Situ Sand density test! What a load of tosh.

Good Day.

ps. What did you wanna be when you grew up?