Thursday, December 30, 2004

"What's going On?"


You see pictures like this one above, innocent bodies lying dead in disease ridden flood waters. These people didnt ask for this.

Chris Martin once said...
"Look at the stars,
Look how they shine for you,
In everything you do"

We live in a world where people are deemed better than others. We sit here in a warm room, dressed in expensive clothes nourished and we are provided with luxuries.
Life is extremely important to us as it is to the people in South East Asia, they do not take things for granted like we do. Go to your bathroom and turn on the tap, running water.
Citizens of Sumatra and Sri Lanka particularly will die if they drink what comes from water sources. They have no drinkable water, they have no aid. We live in Selfish democracies who dont care about anything but money.

Red Cross estimated that it would cost $15 Billion to repair the destruction. The UK and the USA (two of the biggest economical centre's on the earth's surface) contributed just $85 million. Under 2% of what is needed.

Dont take things for granted, you are extremely lucky.

Dont expect things or assume you know what goes on in other countries, truth is you have no idea.

The world is segragated, The third world needs help and it does come quick enough.

the number of casualties increases every hour.

117,000 and climbing...


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