Tuesday, January 11, 2005

The Global Village

If the worlds was simplified to a community only 100 people
this is the result...

61 Asians
12 Europeans
12 Africans
14 Americas
1 Australian

50 men 50 women

74 are not white, 26 are white
67 are not christian, 33 are christian
6 people own 59% of the community's wealth

10 are homosexual

80 people live in poverty
33 die of famine
7 have a secondary education
8 own a computer
41 live without basic sanitation
13 have no water

If youve never seen a relative die in a war
if you have not been a slave
if you have not been tortured
youre luckier than 500 million people

1 person has AIDS

if you keep food in your fridge
keep clothes in your wardrobe
and have a roof over head
a bed to sleep in
you are richer than 75% of the entire world population

25 people struggle to live on 50p a day
47 people struggle to live on £1 a day

If you have a bank account you are one of the 9 richest people.

Of the village's total annual expenditures of just over £3m per year:
£181,000 is spent on weapons and warfare...
£159,000 is spent on education...
£132,000 is spent on health care.

if you can read these words you are in the 14% who can read
1 billion people in the world cant read

we have passion
you love and you dont need to be loved
you sing as if noone is listening
you dance as if noone is watching
you are extremely lucky

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