Thursday, January 06, 2005

Now this thing is jumpin', aint it somethin'

"Day After Tomorrow Movie Shot, Weird how fiction becomes fact"

As the Tsunami death toll continues to increase (now over 150,000) i recall the movie last summer " The Day after 2moro".

Cricket trainin tonight, as the start of the season is less than 6 months away! Gotta get in shape....We got a new captain and rumour has it that we are gonna get absolutly annilhated.

On other topics, this summer is lookin gd...
Amsterdam City Tour
Bermuda Cricket Team Tour

And then Uni after, i'm excited! Need to get some grades tho if i wanna get into Portsmouth. LEt the revision resume!
{Cant See that Happening}

"Where did it go wrong?
There nothing left to do
now cos she's gone, gone, gone

at which point you realise
life is but a joke & the laughs on you
its funny right?"

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