Monday, June 06, 2005


mario's yoshi!

hello, fellow possums.

this weekend has been awesome. almost.
above average anyway.

Friday night was spent working but wasa good shift as i did fk all and got about 30 quid tips, which i kept to myself and another 15quid which i will get on Wednesday. HappyDays.
After work me,conor and vander went to cue club and didnt get home till about 4ish...

Next day, Saturday! Was asked to play cricket but i really needed sleep as i have been suffering from the lack of it recently. Watched the sunrise on Thursday....pleh.
Anywho i did a bit or work/revision on Saturday daytime whilst watching th etest match....Then went round matt's later on to drink beer. Phun.

Today i played a day of cricket, in which we drew. I had quite a shoddy game but the spirit was good. After we all went back to the club and indulged in soem drinking and watching women's football! What a joke! lol... Then went over to have more booze after i dropped my car off at home, and now im home feeling a lil woozy but not incredibly pissed!

Tomorrow is le school and i look forward to 6hrs of sleep if that.
Top 10:

1. Snoop & Pharrell: Snoop Drops Acid
2. Slick Rick: Hey young world
3. Nelly: N Dey Say
4. MJ: Billie Jean
5. Sugar Ray: When its over
6. Spongebob Squarepants: Closing Theme
7. Jupiter ace: 1000 Years
8: Tupac: Crooked nigga too
9. MVP: Rock ya body
10. Faithless: Reverence

Enjoi your week.

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