Friday, June 24, 2005

Go Johnny Go!

Ok, so i got a new look.
So tell me if you like or you no like

I admit its looking a bit crappy with the poor graphic at the top, but that will be rectified soon i think. Gonna get some sort of nice pic, Working on a nice space thingy with earth and the moon...

Anyway, i shall jot down my top 10 ch-ch-ch-chooons!

1. Gorillaz: Dance of the dead
2. Coldplay: Speed of Sound
3. Gorillaz: November
4. Slick Rick: Bedtime Story
5. Kings of Leon: Rememo
6. War of the Worlds: TB Funky House mix
7. Roger Miller: England Swings
8. Ikno: The dove
9. Grease OST: Summer days
10. The misfits: unknown