Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Bladdy Ill Mite!

well welcome to part II of my update.
This update is the phun one.
Well so far this week on th einterweb i have come across many different things.

Well i found this ages ago, just did again t'other day...
And this dooby.
Its relative to me cos some pics include a "build your own decks" excuse the random pics.

What else?
Oh yeah, create your own superhero!

Also, i'm now an eBayer which is nice, oh and i can now mix things on decks for mrpod. happy days.
Played cricket on sunday and we got absolutely slaughtered, but i blame the azn's. Cos they suck.
Also, goin to londinium on sunday for a day out but im not looking forward to exam on monday mornin.
Goin to see the Kings of Leon again which will start my summer of live music.
Ive got Ibiza Gold on atm and im loving donalds.
specially track 10: "Never get out of the boat"...from Apocolypse now.

Also...a quote from KElly...entitled the "typical Ozzy"

"Bladdy hill miyte, wots this "Ragby" oy keep hearing abaaat?"

So thats it.

^^^ random pic. of bear.
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