Thursday, June 23, 2005

On a plane, On a plane..

Yarr, hey now, you're an allstar!

Ok, so welcome again to ...ttbII.
Soon to become ...ttbIII as i think i'm going to change the layout in the next few days.
Maybe will go back to black.

Anyway, Got 2 Exams left now.
Two big english ones.
One 2moro and then one on monday.
Then, July, August and Spetember = Holiday!!!
Maybe i'll get a job, but i can imagine there are few as with all the other people in my situation wanting a summer job. Maybe i'll ask ASK for more shifts...

What Else? urmmm....
Oh last weekend was awesome. Me, Matthew and Damien travelled sown to our nations capital to play on the trains, but more importantly to see Kings of Leon. Who rocked bungholes!
they were awesome, the night was awesome, we were loving it. Singing along jumping up and down except not much jumping cos then we'd lose our place along the railing's at the front!
Yeh we were riht at the front, me n matt grabbed the places whilst Damo got left behind when the security guy/ticket collector fell over and the supervisor was like "Ok Everybody Stop".

The way back was funneh too, lot of jokes, most of which were based aroudn the spotty, geeky teenager in the simpsons who works at the crappy jobs. You know him "Sir, it happened again!".
No? Come on! He's the Krusty Burger Assistant!

Yeh, so much more to write, but now youre bored.

Good day!
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