Thursday, November 18, 2004

Spain 1 England 0

Behave like your age and not your shirt number...
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Now then, England lost to a smart, confident and excellent group of footballers in the shape of the spanish national team. The game wasnt a great one but nevertheless it still gives a few talking points.

The racial slurs of monkey howling when an englsih black player had the ball, ie. ashley cole and shawn wright-phillips- this was highly inappropriate and disrespectful. Wright-Phillips is not particularly familiar with this treatment as he is a newcomer to the side but Cole has recieved it before in Macedonia, Slovakia and again playing against Azerbaijan.
Wayne Rooney was also not at his best and the events that happened during the game cannot help him either as he will feel sad that his teammates are being stereotyped and discriminated agaisnt. I do feel that Rooney did get a little agressive and could have been sent off if Mr Collina was in charge. A push on Casillas was totally uncalled for and deserved to be sub'd. There is a definite contrast on how to handle the bad aspects of the game, Wright Phillips who remained calm did not let it get to him whilst Rooney behaved like a nine year old, ironically the number on his shirt.

So Rooney, Grow up. Fat ass!