Sunday, September 12, 2004

The News

Good Evening,

i was thinking about putting all of my A2 work on this site...just randomly cos it wld be very easy to do, yunno just copying and pasting...well i shall ponder that thort.

Saw someones book and at the top it had a website of where u could find the word processed version i thort tht was cool....i think im a geek.

anywho, the news...

ever noticed that the nes is always bad? like a plane crashes, cant it be when a plane lands it is good news?

oh stuff on the web this week...

1. How to make a flash cartoon.

2. enlgish errors. (i did the mistake on purpose)

and finally

3. A Demented cartoon movie.

catch you next time,

its goodbye from me
and its good bye from her