Sunday, November 07, 2004

Good Morning Vietnam....

hey world

i open my curtains this morning and i just think to myself how lucky i am.

on thursday i went to a hospital to have an operation on my ear, my 5th one infact...this is all paid for by my father who lovingly did this on the basis of 'what if?'...then i recieved in excess of 20 txt msg's from many friends tht i have wishing me a speedy recovery. spent part of that evening talking to the hospital nurses and matrons.

went home on friday, rang charlie who on my last update wasnt 'with' me but now i think its safe to say tht she is 'the missus'...and a gd one at tht! yababdabbadoo...
anyway so i was realising what a good adventure i have set out on.

im now feelin gd about myself, earlier this evening friends matt n em came round and it was v.thoughtful they came round with what can only be described as a bizarre gift, well i suppose it is a gift! its just gd to know that people care about me, other than my mum.

so thanks, im v. appreciative


ps. 'lo anton!