Tuesday, October 19, 2004

now then, are you as good as you say u are?

october nineteenth two thousand four

severa updates will follow as i have found a new website to steal things off, they include a random video about a crazy bird who seeks to get a 'triple triple' in scrabble! sounds exciting?


anyway, up#date on my life...its gettin better after a little 'put down' tlking to this amazing female called charlie...i think its gd but still its early doors...

at work, people are still geeks ie eleanor and others but i look past tht as i am up for thisd new barman job on weekends, happy days.

developed a hobby of getting drunk on friday ngihts and the time 10.35pm is when i feel most drunk-weird or sad?

that will be all.

stay tuned for the funny updates, inc piuctures!